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Products and services

Netika has created a range of interlocking modules that meet the Quality requirements. The KALI modules are all interconnected and easily adjustable. Netika is open to all fields and can offer a tailor-made and multi-site tool.

Or discover our offers already packaged for you :

Quality Management System, leader in the French market, certified NF Logiciel for better client satisfaction and a continuous approach to improvement.
This software meets the ISO 15189 & ISO 9001 requirements.

Premier logiciel complet de gestion de laboratoire intégrant la gestion de la Qualité, une possible intégration du serveur de résultats (KaliRes) et les mêmes fonctionnalités qu'un MiddleWare (MW).

First software enabling management for radiology services and medical imaging players. This software has been imagined by the users, with a module completely dedicated to radiation safety.

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A customised accompaniment

Netika assists you during the whole process of the installation from the implementation of a secured server to the software configuration, and will also help with its handling and the integration within your team. Based on their experience, the collaborators of Netika will guide you up until the customisation of the software, depending on your needs.

Training on the software

Netika is a certified Training Organism and is registered at the Prefect of the Region Alsace, under the agreement N°42 67 03899 67 to allow its clients obtaining financial guardianship from their OPCA, according to continuous professional training.

The experts on the software and its implementation, will train and accompany you on its use, its configuration and its rollout.

Through real project management, the training is done in several steps depending on the level of expertise. It can be given depending on the needs, on a case by case basis.

Quality & Technical Support with the possibility of a 24/7 on call system

Netika makes a point of principle of client satisfaction. For that, a reactive and efficient support service is available to answer all our clients' requests, complaints and requests for improvement. As an option and under certain conditions, it is possible to use a 24/7 on call system.
Through this after sale service, we are committed to a Quality approach in order to constantly evolve.