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Through its experience in the field of medical biology laboratories with the KaliLab software, Netika had the ambitious project to create the first complete laboratory management software, enabling multi-site use.

KaliSil is composed of the following :

  • Laboratory management: through its complete laboratory managementsystem
  • Quality management: integration of the related modules, that meets the ISO 15189 Standard requirements and ISO 9001
  • Result server: possible integration of KaliRes to better answer their patients and correspondents' satisfaction
  • Technical platform management: integration by default of the functionalities that are similar to a MiddleWare

The integration of the four notions above allows to facilitate the accreditation of the laboratory (time saving, understanding, efficiency)

Quality Insurance

With its design, KaliSil integrates the management of quality insurance. Everything can be managed with one single tool. For example, it will be possible to see the reagent batches used for a patient, have an estimation of the product cost, have the alerts for the equipment (QC, maintenance...) directly within a dossier...