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Netika is opening to the Medical Imaging domain and offers its first solution dedicated to the quality management.

With a simplified and adapted tool, Netika offers KaliRad, a modular software for multi-site. Being adjustable depending on the needs, it is used via an ergonomic and customisable interface.

> Modular, adjustable, customisable

The package KaliRad is dedicated to medical imaging and is made of differents key modules. KaliRad is a modular solution for management in radiology services.

> Module Radiation Safety

Offer real security with an easy-to-use tool for your employees

Give the possibility to your RSO* to realise the simplified quality controls

  • Define the frequency
  • Define the criteria to assess the conformity
*RSO: Radiation Safety Officer

> Equipment Management module

This feature enables the managment of all the data and tasks related to the equipment of the organisation.

> Labelix

KaliRad was conceived by and for the medical imaging actors. It meets the LABELIX recommendations and the ISO 9001 requirements.