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Netika is offering a pack product composed of several modules dedicated to Quality management in laboratory, meeting the needs of the Standards ISO 17025, ISO 15159 and ISO 9001. KaliLab is a true asset to obtain the laboratory accreditation.

KaliLab est certifié NF Logiciel pour sa V15, par INFOCERT, secrétariat technique d'AFNOR Certification, ce qui implique :

  • an annual audit of the software and our services
  • the delivery of every new version
  • a minutes report after all interventions from the support service

The software KaliLab offers a core solution with common functionalities, which ensure each user an ergonomic and contextual navigation.

KaliLab is modular but is one and only one software. It is then adjustable depending on the needs and meets the requirements of multiple-sites organisation.


To prove the quality of our application and the way we work, develop and maintain KaliLab, we made it certified NF Logiciel by AFNOR Certification.

This certification is reniewed every year by an audit of our services, which implies an annual update of the software.


The principal force of KaliLab is its simplicity of use and configuration. The other big asset is the conception: this software was not only conceived for the information storage, but for the sharing of information as well.

KaliLab will be useable from any machine that will be present on the local network of the company. The information will then directly be available for consultation by the employees in just a few clicks.

KaliLab is based on the physical architecture of the company. The different rooms or sectors are registered, and the information will be searchable depending on their location.