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Accounting management

This module allows multi-site organisations management, perfectly adapted to groups that require specific financial accounting.

This module is used in addition to the Stock management and enables accounting format exports. There is no more need to enter again the purchase data realised in the Stock management.

> Financial accounting and allocation

According to the site and its organisation, it is possible to manage a financial accounting depending on the needs.

> Invoicing "stock" and "out of stock"

This feature enables the management and record of the invoices and assets and takes into account the supplier maintenances in the financial accounting plan.

> Invoicing the "patient cost"

The invoicing can be "exact" or "planned". It is possible to charge depending on the quantity or the volume.

Always according to the structure's needs.

> Statements and exports edition

* The export is possible with certain accounting software interfaces, such as: Talentia, CPT/WIN, CEGID, CCMX Winner Expert and SAGE.