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Our Team and Values

> Our team

The company Netika, with a team of 70 people with different skills and profiles, has a laboratory experience of more than ten years.

Netika is recognised for its reactive administrative and support service, which enables it to take into account the clients' requests quickly and to treat them promptly.

> Our jobs

Software support

Le technicien support est en première ligne pour écouter les besoins, réclamations et demandes d'amélioration des clients et ainsi répondre au mieux à leurs attentes, de manière personnalisée.


After a diagnostic of the new user needs and the dysfunctionals, the developer does everything possible to bring concrete solutions.
Through AGILES methods, the team of developers is very united and efficient.


With a high level of knowledge about our products and services, but also our core business, the trainer accompanies, guides, trains and insures the setting up of the software within the organism.


Alongside the clients during the implementation, the installer accompanies, plans, trains and suggests improvements to optimise the functioning and the productivity of the institution. It also does the corrective actions when incidents occur.

Jobs linked to Quality

The Quality support technician drives different training and participates to the creation and updating of the training documents. He/she advises and trains the users to the starting phase and the pre-configuration of our solutions of quality management.
First and foremost, our Quality support technicians have an experience in Quality management in private and public medical laboratories (including hospitals).

> Our priorities

Client satisfaction

Our main objective is client satisfaction by answering their expectations and creating real partnerships.
The software is imagined by the users and for the users, for a better client satisfaction.

Reactive and efficient support service

Netika wants to guarantee a reactive support and a 24/7 on call system under certain conditions, to insure a better follow-up on every client and to manage every incident promptly.
Through the support service, the clients can also communicate their requests for software improvements. A report is sent back to the clients to insure the follow-up.

> Our values

Solidarity / Assistance

To be united is to help one another, to train and collaborate together. But it is also to know how to listen and to be heard, which are important values and signs of respect.


At Netika, we have high expectations. High expectations regarding the quality of the work done, but also with ourselves, to always go further.


By respect, we of course mean the respect of clients commitments, but also the respect of the others.